Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marriage Settlement : kissing

Sandy kissed her husband.

Wedding marriage : put on the rings

Ferdy put on a ring to his wife's finger and alternately Sandy would put Ferdy's ring to her husband's finger.

Marriage settlement : handing taking over wedding present

Ferdy handed over the wedding present to his wife Sandy. As mentioned before the wedding present consist of praying equipment amount of money.

Marriage Settlement : solemnization of marriage

Based on Moslem legal I should marry off my daughter by myself or asked the clerk of the office of religion affairs to marry of my daughter. But I believed that both Sandy and Ferdy would be satisfied when I married off them by myself.
I said " I married off my daughter Sandy to you Ferdy with the wedding present consist of praying equipment and 281.207 rupiah cash"
Ferdy shouted immediatelly " I agreed to marry Sandy with that wedding present cash "

After marriage settlement we prayed lead by the head of the office of religion affairs. The next step was handing taking over the wedding present. We could see the next pictures.